Škocjan Cave and Park – UNESCO

Slovenian Karst is wonderful. But a part of it is a hidden underground world, full of unbelievably beautiful scenes. Some caves from this part are known from the Homer’s times (Ancient Greece 10th century BC).

Slovenia is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe and here we are lucky to have really clean water until today. Proteus can live only in such crystal clean water. The underground rivers carved caves and caverns under the surface and they shaped Karst.The most known is Ljubljanica, the river of 7 names. In Škocijanske jame you can strech your legs and walk through cave, getting an unforgettable experience. Time table is here.

In the restaurant, you can order Slovenian traditional and Karst dishes or just make a coffee break.

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Directions: From highway A1 (Ljubljana-Koper) take exit Divača, Škocijanske jame, turn on road 409, and then to road 940. The Park is less than 2.5km from the highway. Google route

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