Traffic Guidelines and Tips

We won’t waste your time with all the nice and wonderful things you’ll experience traveling Slovenia on this page. Rather than that, here is a brief list of some inconveniences you should be careful about.

Motorway Use

For motorway use you need to pay an e-vignette. The e-vignette is bound to your motorcycle license plate number.

Authorities tend to fine drivers without one after the first missed occasion to buy it when you enter Slovenia (shop at the border crossing, first petrol station, first motorway exit etc.). Stupid way to bid a welcome to your guest, agreed. 🙁

7-day vignette costs €7.5. Fine will set you back by €300-800. Your call!


Compulsory! Always! The police will pull you over the same moment they see you riding without one.


Ride with your headlamp on days and nights and make sure other traffic sees and/or hears you. In urban areas especially.


There are plenty of petrol stations around. Though, the minor ones are closed on weekends.

The 95-octane gasoline price is upper-bounded by law outside motorways. Therefore, you’ll experience all the petrol stations having the same fuel price. No less than maximum allowed, of course.

Refuelling is self-service.

Crime Rate

Harley-Davidson motorcycle thefts are fortunately practically zero in Slovenia. Nevertheless, don’t make yours to be one of the few. So keep your items secure and don’t leave your motorcycle unattended.


A quote from a die-hard motorcycle driver: “There’s always good weather for a motorcycle ride, but sometimes the choice of clothes is poor.” The estimated riding season in Slovenia depends on region (average daily temperatures in degrees centigrade shown below):

  • SW Region: April-November: 10°C-33°C, mostly sunny; December-March: 5-10°C
  • Other regions: April-October: 10°C-31°C; November-March: snow or rain