Postojna-Črni Kal

What the Route 66 means to U.S., the road 409 means to Slovenians. Before the A1 motorway was built this was “The Road” most Slovenians used to travel to the coast for their summer vacation. Perhaps that’s why it grew so close to our hearts, but I suggest you take it as the A1 alternative simply because the road is well maintained, with nice scenery, and sparse traffic. It offers plenty of opportunities to switch to A1 in case you accidentally caught a glimpse of the clock.


The road 409 provides a belowed alternative to A1 motorway when travelling to or from the coast to the inland.

Along the route at Logatec, you’ll drive thru a linden avenue from 1805 planted to celebrate the wedding of Napoléon Bonaparte and Marie Louise of Austria.

Between Logatec and Postojna, you shall enjoy some of the best slowly twisted (Grčarevec) or tight twisted (Planina) roads motorcyclists from Ljubljana and around come to enjoy on weekends.

If the town Postojna sounds familiar to you, it’s because the Europe largest cave system lies beneath it. A must see.

Zidanica – Vineyard cottage on Dolenjska region

Discovering Slovenia in following way might be something different and very interesting. Dolenjska region is located on SE Slovenia and it is accessed very quickly from highway A2 (Ljubljana-Zagreb). The region is mostly covered with small green hills and small villages. For centuries it is usual in Slovenia that such hills are covered with vineyards on sunny sides.

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Very small town Kostanjevica na Krki and 2 Monasteries

Dolenjska region hides many nice places not far from the highway A2 Ljubljana-Zagreb. One of them is a romantic small city with no high buildings, located on a tiny island on lazy Krka river, not far from Otočec and some Thermal spas. The Kostanjevica Monastery (est. 1234) is very close to the town. And you can also visit Pleterje Monastery (est. 1403).

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Brda: make sure not to miss this turn – believe me

Mother Nature blessed this small part of land with good soil and nice climate. And people living in these small, cosy hills thanked the nature fort his gift with their great respect and hard work. The name of the region is Brda, sometimes Goriška Brda, because Gorica (Gorizia) is close.

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Žužemberk-Kostanjevica na Krki

Start at Žužemberk taking the road 216 to Dvor. Drive thru Dvor and at Soteska drive straight to 419 in direction of Novo mesto.

In Novo mesto just keep on 419 straight thru the city (direction Šentjernej). After Šentjernej you shall arrive at Kostanjevica na Krki. Small village on an island made by two channels of Krka river.

Dolenjska Triangle: A quick round-trip off the motorway

Exit A2/E70 motorway at Bič then follow the road to Žužemberk.

When you get to the right-of-way intersection just before the Žužemberk, turn left to 650 towards Dobrava followed by Dobrnič, Knežja vas, Pluska.

At Pluska, you will cross the motorway A1 and turn left in the direction of Veliki Gaber. Drive thru Veliki Gaber to Radohova vas.

In Radohova vas turn left again (just before the railway crossing). You will arrive back to the A2 entry/exit at Bič. Or you can turn right and cross the railway and continue the scenic route to Litija.