Nice, slow and narrow route, 62km

To ride from central Slovenia on edge of Karst (or reverse) we can recommend also nice narrow roads, avoiding highway’s heavy traffic and cities’ traffic jams. The route starts on leaving highway E61 (Ljubljana-Koper) on Logatec exit and leads on local roads to highway H4 to Ajdovščina (the highway to Nova Gorica). It’s 62km long. The route is nice for a slow ride to enjoy the landscape.

From Logatec ride on local road 102 to Godovič, where you turn left on road 207 to Črni vrh and Col. In Col turn right on road 936 in direction to Predmeja. From Col the road leads close to edges of hills and you can stop to watch panorama over Vipava’s valley here.

When in winter time this hills catches cold air on their tops, it can fall down to Vipava valley and make winds with speeds over 130kmph. This serious wind is named Burja. Burja can stop the traffic sometimes for few winter days. Then Burja wind spreads over the Karst area and it is the reason why Karst’s prshut is produced in many villages and is so tasteful.

From Ajdovščina you can continue to Nova Gorica and Bovec  through valley of most beautiful mountain river Soča. Or you can continue to discover Krast, or have just short ride to Zemono restaurant.

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Author: Rastko Korošec

I ride my Springer since 1989.

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