Zidanica – Vineyard cottage on Dolenjska region

Discovering Slovenia in following way might be something different and very interesting. Dolenjska region is located on SE Slovenia and it is accessed very quickly from highway A2 (Ljubljana-Zagreb). The region is mostly covered with small green hills and small villages. For centuries it is usual in Slovenia that such hills are covered with vineyards on sunny sides.

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Very small town Kostanjevica na Krki and 2 Monasteries

Dolenjska region hides many nice places not far from the highway A2 Ljubljana-Zagreb. One of them is a romantic small city with no high buildings, located on a tiny island on lazy Krka river, not far from Otočec and some Thermal spas. The Kostanjevica Monastery (est. 1234) is very close to the town. And you can also visit Pleterje Monastery (est. 1403).

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Vinski dvor Deu

Cruising through small villages on Dolenjska part of Slovenia can be fun and interesting. You can find many inns and restaurants. One such pearl is “Vinski dvor” run by the Deu family for about century. Architecture from 17th and 18th century hides also wine cellar for many tastes in which they mature the wines from their own vineyards. Marshal Tito was a connoisseur of good things and he visited this house several times.

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Otočec – Breath taking small castle

River Krka is one of the most beautiful slow rivers in Slovenia. On the small island on the river stands small romantic castle Otočec, always kept in good condition and with classy restaurant and hotel.

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Žužemberk-Kostanjevica na Krki

Start at Žužemberk taking the road 216 to Dvor. Drive thru Dvor and at Soteska drive straight to 419 in direction of Novo mesto.

In Novo mesto just keep on 419 straight thru the city (direction Šentjernej). After Šentjernej you shall arrive at Kostanjevica na Krki. Small village on an island made by two channels of Krka river.

Dolenjska Triangle: A quick round-trip off the motorway

Exit A2/E70 motorway at Bič then follow the road to Žužemberk.

When you get to the right-of-way intersection just before the Žužemberk, turn left to 650 towards Dobrava followed by Dobrnič, Knežja vas, Pluska.

At Pluska, you will cross the motorway A1 and turn left in the direction of Veliki Gaber. Drive thru Veliki Gaber to Radohova vas.

In Radohova vas turn left again (just before the railway crossing). You will arrive back to the A2 entry/exit at Bič. Or you can turn right and cross the railway and continue the scenic route to Litija.