Zidanica – Vineyard cottage on Dolenjska region

Discovering Slovenia in following way might be something different and very interesting. Dolenjska region is located on SE Slovenia and it is accessed very quickly from highway A2 (Ljubljana-Zagreb). The region is mostly covered with small green hills and small villages. For centuries it is usual in Slovenia that such hills are covered with vineyards on sunny sides.

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Otočec – Breath taking small castle

River Krka is one of the most beautiful slow rivers in Slovenia. On the small island on the river stands small romantic castle Otočec, always kept in good condition and with classy restaurant and hotel.

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Brda: make sure not to miss this turn – believe me

Mother Nature blessed this small part of land with good soil and nice climate. And people living in these small, cosy hills thanked the nature fort his gift with their great respect and hard work. The name of the region is Brda, sometimes Goriška Brda, because Gorica (Gorizia) is close.

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“Hiša posebne sorte”, Kordeti

When you will be riding and discovering Karst, we can recommend you to visit “Hiša posebne sorte”.. This is Sorta family restaurant with a hotel in the middle of beautiful Karst nature, just a few hundred metres out of village Kordeti and surrounded by meadows, fields and forest.

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Taverna Svetinje, Jeruzalem

Štajerska (Styrian) hills are traditionally wine-producing area of fine wines. Mainly around Jerusalem wineries receives high international awards. Vino Kupljen is more than 180 years old excellent wine cellar. Their restaurant Taverna offers also plenty of local specialties and traditional food. Rooms are available. Definitely worth of your attention. The turistic offer of this small region is not possible to describe in this short tips, so, I suggest you take some time and discover more by yourself.

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Lake Bled

With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water. The beauty of the mountains reflected on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air arouse pleasant feelings in visitors throughout the year, guaranteeing an ideal base or a relaxing break or an active holiday.

Lipica: The Craddle of the Lipizzaner Horses

The charms of the Lipica Stud Farm are hidden in the unseen, the stories written by the local history. Only when walking on the historical paths we can truly experience the greatness of the local equestrian tradition.

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