Zidanica – Vineyard cottage on Dolenjska region

Discovering Slovenia in following way might be something different and very interesting. Dolenjska region is located on SE Slovenia and it is accessed very quickly from highway A2 (Ljubljana-Zagreb). The region is mostly covered with small green hills and small villages. For centuries it is usual in Slovenia that such hills are covered with vineyards on sunny sides.

As vineyards are located out of villages, peasants build small cottages there to keep tools, to prepare grapes for vines, to treat and stock vines and also for modest overnight and cooking during the high working season. In last decades those vineyard cottages with hardworking hands were turning in more and more beautiful cottages and tourism started also in this way. First for families and friends and later for rentals. Believe me: the owners will treat you great and will be happy to have you. So you can spend unforgettable days. Thermae are usually close. Also is possible to hike, hunting, fishing… ask the owner for assistance where to get the finest meat if you want to cook or grill yourself.
My guests spent few days in Zidanica Bergač and after years they are sill enthusiastic and they claim this was their best holiday resort.

Vineyard cottage locators:

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