Kamnik-Šenturška gora-Šmartno: On the Sunny Side of the Alps

A nice look-out road on the sunny slope of the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps will reward you with a view reaching to Ljubljana and beyond.

Start in Kamnik town. Perhaps the hardest thing about this route is finding its beginning. Find a street well hidden in the Kamnik maze leading you towards Tunjice. However, before you get to Tunjice, there’s a right turn for Sidraž. It’s a single road track thru Laniše village. Though it might look like the road will end any time soon, it will take you thru the forest, up the hill, and to the Sidraž village and Šenturška gora. Don’t worry: if a school bus can make it, so can you!

Between Šenturska Gora village and Apno village enjoy the view of the basin below. The road quickly descends afterwards to Grad village where you turn left towards Cerklje (na Gorenjskem) town. Just follow the main road to get to the roundabout with a blue airplane model. Go straight at the roundabout towards Vodice. At Vodice drive straight to Skaručna and continue to Šmartno pod Šmarno goro.

Author: Simon Rozman

2003 Fat Boy

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